About a year ago I made a decision, I needed to make peace with the fact people love talking about the weather.

We started incorporating weather themes into our show and bringing the winter weather to the forefront when there was a storm and people seemed to like it. I can't construct the I-95 Morning Show to fit only my needs and likes. If I did it would be four hours of talking about twerk videos, the NFL and movies I like, it just does not work.

Look, I still marvel at what nature is capable of, the sights, the sound and the colors are fascinating but that is where it ends. In my personal life I don't like talking about the weather. I just wonder at what point we all figure out that it snows in Connecticut and leave it at that.


If you grew up in Florida or Hawaii and moved here it would take some getting used to but we are grizzled veterans of the snow game. Talking about weather is less about the topic and more about emptying your brain for the sake of conversation.

It's like my wife Erica always tells me, we don't need to share every thought we have. Some thoughts are pointless and not meant for mass consumption. I really need to hire her to be a writer on the show.

I think its time to admit that there are certain people we don't vibe with. If someone says "how about this snow?" We can simply say, "you're not my kind of person." Honesty is hilarious and I think it is time we crack open a bag of truth flakes.

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