I do all the grocery shopping for our family. I shop like a man shops by composing a list of all the items we need. I grab my shopping bags, pick up each item I need, and proceed to the checkout, ready with my savings and debit cards and I'm in and out in 30 minutes or less.

I love her to pieces, but my wife, Mindy, is not allowed to grocery shop because she walks into the supermarket, wandering aimlessly around the store aisle by aisle, and returns home with non-sensical items like candy corn, Twizzlers, and maybe some pickled herring. She's not allowed to shop at Costco unsupervised because there was this one incident when she filled her cart to the limit. When she discovered her grand total came to $421.17, she told the checkout dude, "I can't afford this" and proceeded to walk out with nothing.

With a new Big Y coming to Brookfield at the site where Amazon Fresh was supposed to be built and a new Wegmans coming to Norwalk in 2025, I decided it was time to find out which supermarkets were most popular with Connecticut shoppers.

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